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Have you ever come to a point where you’re tired of old advertising channels or find them ineffective and outdated?

Do you search for new ways of advertising that are innovative, efficient and most importantly — ingenious?

Modern marketing has come up with some really smart ways of advertising and it is exciting to be living in a time where we can see and learn from some really intelligent marketing. can offer some really affordable and effective solutions in terms of advertising products and on this page we will introduce stickers — the marketing product no one will tell you about, but can deliver outstanding results.

With the rise of Guerrilla Marketing in South Africa, a really effective low-cost type of advertising, we have seen an increase in creative use of stickers.

Sticker printing has moved beyond the €žbumper sticker“ stereotype and has been replaced by promotional types of all shapes and sizes for application onto carry bags, books, windows, water bottles, laptops, hardware, equipment, signs, phones and promotional gifts.

Our promotional products can be affixed to almost any surface and are an affordable yet effective means of increasing brand recognition.

They can easily go where other marketing materials can't and with the right design or message, they can contribute to word-of-mouth advertising for longer periods of time.

The use of stickers should be fun, they are not just limited to car bumper advertising. With a wide variety of applications, from rolls of labels to custom shaped ones, you can convey any message to anyone, anywhere.

Whether it’s a fun promotion or a more serious use, our top quality vinyl stickers will never fade, peel or damage your brand.

This is why investing in this advertising product is something you should consider carefully over other types of products — with stickers the return of investment can greatly outweigh that of other types of marketing products.

Main sticker printing features

Processing: Straight Cut, Die-cut to Shape, Multiple die-cuts within the size, License Disc Sticker
Size: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, Custom size, 90x90mm
Paper/Material: Self adhesive Vinyl white Matt, Self adhesive Vinyl clear, Self adhesive Vinyl white Gloss, Eurotak Semi Gloss

We also have products available in large format sizes with free delivery nationwide. Make your message stick — get your stickers today!

Why can deliver the best results for your business

Many companies like to talk about what they €žcan“ do and what you €žcan“ achieve by doing business with them. Here at we like to talk about realistic possibilities and results that are based on facts and on adequate planning.

Having worked on hundreds of projects we believe we have huge experience and one of the best know-how in this sector, which helps us to be a leading company in the online printing services.

From the idea, through the planning, the design and the concept, to the realization and physical printing — our production process is one of the best in South Africa and is guaranteed to deliver outstanding results every time.

Our customer-based approach assures that the client will be in the center of the production process and the end result will be 100% approved by them.

We aim at being the number 1 printing company in the country and we believe that to achieve that, we have to leave only happy clients with our work.

That is why we cohere every step of the process with the client so there will not be any surprises in the end — only results!

Choose the products of and create your successful marketing strategy by working with one of the leading printing companies. Success is waiting for you right around the corner!