File Format - PDF or Jpeg

File Format

Correct Standard Size (A4,A2,DL,Specific Banner Size, etc).

Correct Standart Size

High Resolution (150dpi minimum at 100% cor- rect size).

High Resolution

Safe Area - A 3mm margin from the inside edge of the artwork. This means that primary elements like text, logos and important foreground graphics should not be placed within 3mm of the edge where the printed art is cut.

Safe Area

Bleed - A 3mm margin around the outside edge of artwork (10mm on banner artwork). This means that secondary graphics like background patterns and graphics need to fall past the edge of the art- work (cutting line) to a distance of 3mm.


Convert RGB to CMYK - Most images within art- work are in the RGB colour profile for best display on screen. Images need to be converted to the CMYK colour profile which by necessity is the print standard. Colour values will change signifi- cantly.

Convert RGB

Separate Artwork - Submit a batch of artwork (e.g. sets of business cards for a co.) as individual files. Instead of submitting 3 person’s business cards in one PDF, rather submit 3 separate PDF files.

Separate Artwork

Embed Fonts - If you dont embed fonts they get substituted with other fonts on the printer side. The artwork will display incorrectly without the original fonts embedded. Convert text to curves or embed fonts to avoid this happening.

Embed Fonts

Lamination - If your artwork has saturated colour that bleeds off the edge of the paper a lamination coat should be added to avoid the fraying of the edge when the product is guillotined.