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This one’s for the booklovers out there. Everyone who loves books and loves reading knows that bookmarks are an integral part of their hobby.

For people who love books they are a tool used as regularly as their phone or car. So how can you as a business use that to your advantage? The answer is quite simple — print some branded bookmarks and give them to you customers.

This is a creative and effective way to connect with customers because they'll see your logo and contact information as often as they use it —that means instant brand recognition and awareness.

This makes bookmark printing a great marketing tool for your business or more personally, as gifts for friends and family — either way you’re advertising your brand without really showing it.

Whatever the purpose, it creates a lasting first impression with subtle reminders of who you are every time it’s looked at.

There are many ways to customize these book dividers in order to incorporate your brand message. They are especially popular for book launches and giveaways, but are great for presents too — for example they can be a gift for some kind of holiday or other occasion like your company birthday.

A very similar example can be given with wall and fridge calendars — most companies give them away as a present in anticipation of the new year, but they are also a great marketing tool for your brand.

They also make fantastic branded stationery for your business. We offer lamination to ensure a hardy, high-impact full-colour finish that will leave your customers well-pleased.

This way you will not only give them a thoughtful present, but it will be a very practical one, as book lovers tend to use them as long as they can, if they’re quality of course.


Processing: Standard, Perforation, Holes, Perforation & Round corners
Size: 50x150mm, 50x200mm, 175x50mm, 190x50mm, 58x210mm
Paper/Material: 350gsm Matt, 250gsm Matt, 400gsm Matt, 350gsm Gloss, 250gsm Gloss, 400gsm Gloss, CERES, VESTA, ARCHILLES, APOLLO, KLEOPATRA, AMOR, PEGASUS, APUS, AQUILA, MONOCEROS, LYNX, HYDRA, CENTAURUS, CORVUS, CHARON, TITANIA, OBERON, ENCELADUS, TRITON, CALLISTO, ADONIS, Printkote matt 360 micron, 250gsm, s/s, Invercote Creato 315 micron, 280gsm, 400gsm-MAGNO
Colors: CMYK, Black and White
Sides: 1 Side, 2 Sides
Refining: No Refining, Lamination, SPOT-UV & Soft Touch Lamination, 3D Foiling 18k GOLD, 3D Foiling SILVER

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