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Maximise your marketing efforts with Folded Leaflets! Our high-quality printed leaflet designs are folded in three creative ways to amplify your brand’s message with the clever use of space.

Choose from our selection of five sizes, ranging from the spacious and practical A3 Folded Leaflet to the petite DL Square Leaflets, which are perfect for turning heads.

Generally, there are three processing types for folded leaflets — single folded, letter folded and Z-folded.

The single fold is the simplest kind. The sheet is folded in the middle and, if for instance you take an A4 sheet, once you fold you get an A5 folded leaflet. The single fold is often called a half fold.

The letter fold, also called a roll fold, is a processing type where each of the page’s folds in on itself. Typically, this kind of fold produced a leaflet equal to a one third of an A4 or DL leaflet.

In the letter fold an A4 sheet is divided and folded into three sections. Most often the right-hand page is folded inwards. If this type of leaflet has more than six pages, which is the standard, then each of the other pages are folded inwards.

Because of the specifics of this type of fold, you have to previously inform us about the number of pages, because if they exceed the standard of 6 pages, we will have to take that into account because of the fact that each page has to be progressively smaller than the previous in order for the leaflet to be fully functional.

Z-fold, zig-zag folding or concertina — it’s a designation for the same type of fold. These types of leaflets look a lot like an accordion, especially when they have more than six pages. Depending on the size, these leaflets can have up to twelve pages.

Unlike the letter fold, where each page has to be smaller than the previous, in the Z-fold each page will have the same size and the leaflet will open out, becoming one long document. This allows the information to run from one page on to the next.

Folded Leaflets are an ideal way to share more detailed information in a visually appealing way. Suitable for a variety of uses, ranging from promotions to providing product information to new and existing clients.

Features of Folded Leaflets

Processing: Single folded, Letter folded, Z-folded
Size: A3, A4, A5, A6, DL
Paper/Material: 115gsm Matt, 150gsm Matt, 250gsm Matt, 115gsm Gloss, 150gsm Gloss, 250gsm Gloss, CERES, CHARON, TRITON, Printkote matt 360 micron, 250gsm, s/s, 130gsm Gloss, 130gsm Matt, 170gsm Gloss, 170gsm Matt, 160gsm Bond
Colors: CMYK
Sides: 4 Sides, 6 Sides, 8 Sides, 10 Sides, 12 Sides
Refining: No Refining, Spot-UV

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