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NCR stands for No Carbon Required and refers to paper stock that has been treated with a special coating. When glued together in sets of 2 or more sheets, the paper reacts to the pressure of a pen so that whatever is written on the first sheet of the form is copied onto subsequent parts of the form without the need for carbon paper.

Depending on the business and requirements, NCR books can be custom designed with logo, contact information and any other information relevant to the business. NCR paper is commonly used for purchase order books, invoice books, receipts, quote books, job books, contract books and site books.

Whatever processes you have within your company where multiple copies are required, then NCR books are what you will need.

The paper is also available in all sizes with the most common being 148x297mm, A4 or A5 size.

Features of NCR Book printing

Processing: Triplicate, Duplicate, 50 (3x) Pages, 100 (2x) Pages
Size: A4, A5
Paper/Material: NCR Paper
Colors: Black and White, CMYK
Cover: Grey Board