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Postcards - Beyond business - bold and beautiful

What is the best way to advertise your brand and product/service? This is a question that baffles every business owner when it comes to marketing and advertising his brand.

Though in today’s world there are various types of advertising channels, all of them offer different kind of advantages. This makes it quite hard for a person or business, that has no experience in marketing whatsoever to choose an advertising channel and marketing strategy that is best suited for his business.

Facing such a challenge, it is a safe move to turn to the services of a company, that has huge experience in advertising business, especially via physical channels such as flyers, posters, business cards, pamphlets, posters and so on.

Ever heard of PUR bind booklets? They are a small kind of book in the form of a catalogue, programme or manual, whose main purpose is introducing the clients with your brand and services/products that you offer.

It is kind of a website, but on paper — it allows your future clients to feel and touch your company and hold in their hands a full intro to your business.

PUR bind booklet printing has a near never-ending list of possible applications for both personal and professional use.

Whether you’re looking to create a book, catalogue or programme to showcase your products and services, our high quality, expertly printed products have got you more than covered.

Printed on a range of sizes and paper options, you don’t have to hold back when making your choice.

Practical yet stylish perfect bound booklets (PUR binding — polyurethane reactive is a most durable book binding glue available), which are printed on and finished on your choice inner/cover paper. Trust the experts when it comes to your printing needs.

Best features of PUR bind booklet printing

Processing: PUR Binding
Size: A4, A5, A6, DL
Paper/Material: 115gsm Matt, 150gsm Matt, 80gsm Bond, 115gsm Gloss, 150gsm Gloss, 130gsm Gloss, 130gsm Matt, 170gsm Gloss, 170gsm Matt
Colors: CMYK, Black and White
Cover: 250gsm Matt, 350gsm Matt, 250gsm Gloss, 350gsm Gloss
Cover Colors: CMYK
Cover Refining: No Refining, Lamination, Soft Touch Lamination, SPOT-UV & Soft Touch Lamination

Why choose WebPrinter — quality and affordability

Printing advertisement products is a task that requires professionalism, dedication, skills and most importantly — know-how. Why? Everyone can print something using a regular printer.

But how to achieve a product that can be eye-caching and deliver results capable of increasing one’s brand and product awareness? Well this is where know-how kicks in. is a company with sector-leading technological and design know-how. We don’t only print flyers, posters, business cards, etc. and we don’t only design them. We create an end product from the start to the finish line that is capable of achieving all of the clients marketing goals.

This requires top-level dedication and hard work, but in the end it is all worth it if the client is pleased and his success is clearly measurable.

Choosing WebPrinter for your online printing company means receiving quality products for a reasonable price. But it also means working with people that put your project in the center of their work and your goals become their goals. Only then can the big success be achieved.

Design your custom PUR bind booklet and upload your multi-page PDF. The more you print, the more cost effective it becomes as can be seen below.