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Do you remember ever buying a calendar? Yeah, we too… Calendars are everywhere — offices, stores, banks, restaurants and homes. But how often does one buy a calendar? The answer is almost never.

That’s because one of the most common advertising tools of almost every business’s marketing strategy is printing and handing out branded wall calendars.

Just look around at your nearest calendar — does it have a branded message on it? The chances are it does. And that is a supper common marketing approach of almost every business.

But why? Printing a custom company calendar is an effective way to give your brand visibility 365 days of the year.

Giving away a free calendar is a nice gesture and a great present. That’s what makes it the perfect advertising tool. As a present it boosts your business relations and it is always respectful for the other party to hang up the wall calendar you have given them.

This way you have brand visibility for the whole year and of course in most cases you are obliged to return the favor by hanging wall calendars that you were gifted.

Our products are expertly printed for a high quality finish that will impress employees and clients alike. This way you can be sure that the other side will not only use your calendar out of respect, but also because they like it and find it practical.

Be creative and take company stationery to the next level by customizing your brand message and uploading photos.

Perfect for welcoming the New Year with practical gifts for clients that will showcase your company’s marketing message effortlessly.

Whether you’re creating a fun family calendar, a stunning business calendar or celebrating another year with your club or league we have an all-encompassing online printing solution for you.

Main features

Processing: Standard, Holes
Size: A0, A1, A2, A3, 300x450cm
Paper/Material: 350gsm Matt, 150gsm Matt, 250gsm Matt, 135gsm Satin Matt, 200gsm Satin Matt, 350gsm Gloss, 115gsm Gloss, 150gsm Gloss, 250gsm Gloss, 170gsm Satin Matt, 170gsm Matt, 245gsm Matt
Colors: CMYK
Sides: 1 Side

Why choose the wall calendars printing services of

Creating the perfect wall calendars requires careful planning, outstanding design and just the right brand message.

All of these things sound hard on paper to realize and are even harder in reality. This is why you need the online printing services of a company who has the experience, the technological know-how and the vision to create the perfect product for your brand.

Choosing to work with can ensure you just that. Our portfolio of services includes a large number of product printing, the most noticeable including flyers, pamphlets, leaflets, business cards, posters, banners and many others.

As you can see for yourself, the wide variety of services we offer grants us experience like no other. We know what every business needs and how to give them just that.

Advertising your brand is a multicomplex process that requires coverage of as much marketing channels as possible.

Every way of advertising is important — passive marketing is as important as direct one. With direct advertising, your target initially knows that you are presenting your services and products.

But with passive advertising you are creating brand awareness in the minds of others without being straightforward about it. And wall calendars are one of the best advertising tools for this strategy.

Create the perfect advertising product with the online printing services of Stay top-of-mind with an eye-catching, functional custom branded wall calendar. Print online today and enjoy free nationwide delivery.

Stop wasting time and make every minute of your day a profitable investment — what better way to do that with a product that presents your brand 365 days in the year.