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Brand visibility 365 days a year

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Do you remember ever buying a calendar? Yeah, we too… Calendars are everywhere — offices, stores, banks, restaurants and homes. But how often does one buy a calendar? The answer is almost never.

That’s because one of the most common advertising tools of almost every business’s marketing strategy is printing and handing out branded wall calendars.

Just look around at your nearest calendar — does it have a branded message on it? The chances are it does. And that is a supper common marketing approach of almost every business.

But why? Printing a custom company calendar is an effective way to give your brand visibility 365 days of the year.

Giving away a free calendar is a nice gesture and a great present. That’s what makes it the perfect advertising tool. As a present it boosts your business relations and it is always respectful for the other party to hang up the wall calendar you have given them.

This way you have brand visibility for the whole year and of course in most cases you are obliged to return the favor by hanging wall calendars that you were gifted.

But what is better than an ordinary wall calendar or a tiny tent one? Magnetic Fridge Calendars! They are a practical and fun way to keep the spotlight on your business 365 days a year!

Our expertly printed, customized calendars offer an opportunity for your brand message to be communicated, while actually gifting your client with a handy year planner that barely requires any effort to mount.

Printing Fridge Calendars with your company branding may well be the most low-cost, top-of-mind brand awareness tool you can use to reach your customers daily!

Wow, we all go to the fridge — some more than others, and there you are on the fridge, marketing to us once again effortlessly!

Features of fridge calendars printing online

Size: A4, A5, A6, DL
Paper/Material: 350gsm Matt, 250gsm Matt, 350gsm Gloss, 250gsm Gloss, CHARON, Printkote matt 360 micron, 250gsm, s/s
Colors: CMYK
Sides: 1 Side
Refining: Lamination, Magnets, Lamination & Magnets — results and ideas with a masterful performance

Fridge calendars are a great advertising product all by themselves but when combined with the expertise, quality products and execution of WebPrinter, the outstanding result is guaranteed.

We offer a wide variety of products for every need and for every occasion — flyers, posters, banners, business cards, postcards and many more, available in our website.

So, how do you choose the right company for your needs? Is it just by the price? Or the materials used? Maybe you should look at some client recommendations?

While all of these are important separately, you should look for the whole package. It’s not only enough to get a good price, nice paper or the opinion of a satisfied client.

You should ask about the whole process — from the concept and the planning to the execution and the printing process. In order to get the results, you want, you should require information about the whole process.

If you choose to work with you’ll have the chance to experience top notch client service in delivering the best results possible.

With our high-quality magnetic fridge calendars, your brand will be seen every single day by your clients and potential clients, ensuring that you are top of mind at all times. What better marketing could there be? Get yours today with a free delivery everywhere in South Africa!